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Our Company

Marctarian Jewelers make exquisite, hand-crafted jewelry and ship direct to our customers - bringing you high-end, quality diamond and gemstone rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets at below retail prices.

Our Heritage

Our ancestral roots are from the ancient country of Armenia, which has a long history of trade and commerce, being part of the old silk road which traded in gold and gemstones. This rich cultural heritage has had an influence on our family history, where our grandparents manufactured fabrics and designed and built handmade tools for a variety of applications.

More recently, our family transitioned into the jewelry industry and over the past 20 years established a successful company manufacturing and supplying the jewelry industry, based in L.A.’s famous jewelry district. We started out supplying semi-mountings to end retailers and steadily grew the business, re-investing and diversifying into supplying finished, fine jewelry that includes diamond and colored gemstones.

Above all, we are proud of our quality and of our skilled craftsmen to create stunning pieces every time.

Our Philosophy

Here at Marctarian, we combine our skills and knowledge of experienced craftsmanship with modern technology. First, our designs are envisioned on good old fashioned pen and paper. We then utilize modern technology – appropriately. Our designs are enhanced and configured using CAD technology and then wonderfully hand made into exquisite pieces.

Our online store continues our forward thinking and modern approach to deliver a first-class experience of online shopping that delivers fine and unique pieces right to your door.

This approach means we can provide you with an excellent online shopping experience; one that is informative, intuitive and easy to browse and locate items of interest, should you wish to purchase immediately or save for later.

As our company has evolved over the years, so to our online website; it is continuously updated with our latest fashion pieces and we regularly review it and update it to make sure it is really user friendly.

Our Mission

Marctarian has a passion to provide our customers with a carefully curated selection of fine jewelry within an online shopping experience that enables our customers to make an informed, enjoyable and confident purchase every time.